​Client Referral Program Terms and Conditions

Customer Credit Finance / Client Referral Program Terms and Conditions


  • Cash referral fee starting from $50 - $200+ 
  • Payment(s) received upon finalization of the new sale
  • Business Consultant & Insurance Specialist(s)
  • Facilitating Tax Planning, Loans, and Benefits 

* See Disclaimer on Insurance Products

If your referral qualifies, you will be paid within thirty (30) days after Customer Credit Finance has received initial payment in full from the referred customer in accordance with the terms and conditions of our contract with them.

You will be contacted via the details submitted in the “YOUR PHONE NUMBER” or “YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS” fields to arrange delivery of your Referral Reward(s).

In the unlikely event of any disputes please contact us to discuss.

Customer Credit Finance reserves the right to change the Customer Referral Program and its Terms and Conditions at any time, and any decision by the company is final.​

About Us

*Disclaimer for Insurance Products: 

Unless you are a Licensed Agent in the State policy is sold, we cannot legally pay out commissions on regulated insurance products.

Referral Program

How to Submit A Referral

Simply type in YOUR NAME and YOUR EMAIL in the text boxes in the block beside these instructions.

Remember to give us your best contact phone number.

And, in "Comments" provide their name, phone number, email address with brief description of your relationship.

You will be asked to provide a "soft-transfer" to the prospective client with either a 3-way call or an email introduction.


  • Tax Planning Services
  • Commercial Loans in excess of $100,000
  • Equipment Loans in excess of $25,000
  • Various (other) - not every program offered is eligible for a referral fee (call for details)